Considering a career change this year – my 5-point plan

So for anyone who is considering a career change this year – here is my 5-point plan to help you. ...  Find out more



Exploring your values to find your perfect job

I call values the nuts and bolts of a job – the things that are really going to make a job work for you. Understanding what values are really important to you can be a vital part of deciding which career is right for you.  ...  Find out more



Searching for a job that you will love?

In the UK we spend so much time at work that we really owe it to ourselves to do something that we really enjoy. Yes we need to earn money but why not do it doing something that you love! ...  Find out more



Personality - why is it so important for a successful and satisfied career.

Whether someone is planning their future career or is thinking of a career change I always suggest that we look at the client’s personality. Our personalities are formed through a combination of our genetic inheritance and experiences as we have developed (through our families and wider society). ...  Find out more



Choosing a Career Coach

Welcome to my first ever blog! Every week I see more and more career coaching services being offered, which must be very confusing for potential clients. So here are in my opinion a few essential points:  ...  Find out more

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