Still in Education

Emma is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Career Coach who works with young adults to help them decide which careers would be suitable for them. She uses world-class psychometric instruments and proven coaching techniques to help young adults in career decision-making.

Key services include:

  • Career Coaching
  • Psychometric Assessment


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Still in Education

With ever increasing university costs and competition for jobs and apprenticeships, making the right educational and career choices is vital - now more than ever!

I work with young adults to explore their developing personalities, interests and values. As a Chartered Psychologist and Career Coach, I use a wide range of world class psychometrics and career coaching techniques to help you develop an understanding of your key strengths and the type of work you will find challenging and satisfying.

Gaining a clear sense of who you are and your options at a young age, improves your decision-making and self-confidence, which will have a major impact on future employment.

Once options have been identified, I then work with you to define and undertake the next steps in pursuing your career.

Key services include:

Psychometric Assessment – clarifying suitable career options for you
Career coaching – helping you to make career decisions

 Pam, Oxfordshire, 2012

"My children are currently choosing their A levels and degree courses respectively. In order to assist them in making the right choices now, I thought it would be important to get some really good career advice that helped them to place their interests and strengths into the world of work, in order that they might consider as broad a range of potential careers as possible. Having used Emma's services personally as part of my MBA, and professionally as a manager, I know how friendly, sensible, and insightful her services are.  Once more, she did not disappoint!"

Rebecca, 16, Oxfordshire

"This experience has helped me hugely in starting to think logically about what careers are best suited to me in terms of my personality, interests and values. The tools used in the sessions all seemed to give really accurate results which allowed me to consider a wide range of interesting career ideas. By the end, with Emma’s insightful guidance, I have a far better idea of the careers which fulfil my needs and as I am still in school it has really helped me in making decisions on which options I should be taking for A levels next year and where I hope to go with my career in the future!"

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