Considering a career change this year – my 5-point plan

1)  1)  Analyse your current situation – changing career is a big step and requires some real thought. Spend some time either by yourself or with a friend figuring out what is the problem with your current job or career. If you have tried this before with no success then it would be a good idea to find a career coach to help you through the process. Analyse what you do and don’t enjoy about your current job or career. Is a career change really required? Perhaps all that is needed is a change of employers?

2)   2) Know your strengths – Do you have a clear idea of what your strengths are? Think about positive feedback that you have had from employers, work colleagues, friends and family – write down a list.

3)   3) Know your conditions – have you ever been in a work situation where you have felt that you have no strengths at all? Chances are that your conditions weren’t present and this meant your strengths weren’t able to be used.

4)   4) Research other careers – the internet is a great source of information. Find the professional bodies of the careers that you are interested in, not only will there be lots of information about the career field itself but also how to gain entry into it. Most importantly, go and speak to people who are currently in that job/career. Find out all about the day to day tasks of the job and what they think you need to have to be good at the job. Not only are you finding realistic information about the job but you are also making relationships with people who could help you at some point.

5)   5) Make a plan. Write down the steps that you will need to follow to make your career change. Give yourself realistic timeframes for these steps to help you feel in control of the process. Step by step, celebrating success along the way, begin your career transition! 

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