Choosing a Career Coach

Welcome to my first ever blog! Every week I see more and more career coaching services being offered, which must be very confusing for potential clients. So here are in my opinion a few essential points:

Ask about qualifications and experience.

Qualifications are a complex area because career coaches can have very different qualifications and experience, from a few weeks to many years! Don’t just presume that they are highly trained, ask them to explain their training and experience to date.

2) Ask to meet for a free initial consultation
The initial session should be where the coach establishes what it is you as a client want to achieve and whether they can help you to achieve that. As a Chartered Psychologist I can only practice in areas where I am experienced and I need to be sure that I can help the client achieve whatever goal it is. 

3) Ask about their success rates

I always measure the success of any work that I do. This means that if potential clients ask me about the outcomes that other clients have had I am able to provide this. As a Chartered Psychologist I only use evidence-based techniques and ongoing evaluation means that I am confident that my services work.
3) Check how you feel in their company

Often the success of any type of coaching involves finding a professional that you feel comfortable with. In our lives we are often trying to portray an image of what we think other people expect of us and career coaching is a time when you need to feel comfortable being honest about yourself in front of the coach. 

4) Get the details of service

The initial session is when you need to find out about the service, how much it will cost, how long the sessions are, whether the price includes online and phone support too.  Don’t feel pressurised into signing up – take your time to make sure that you have found the right career coach for you.

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