Redundancy or Unemployment

Emma is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Career Coach who is an expert in helping individuals who have been made redundant or are unemployed. She uses world-class psychometric instruments and proven coaching techniques to help clients back into work.

Key services include:

  • Psychometric assessment
  • Career coaching
  • Redundancy coaching
  • CV Writing
  • Interview Preparation
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Redundancy or Unemployment

Being made redundant or having a period of unemployment can be emotionally very difficult. As a Chartered Psychologist and Career Coach I am experienced in helping people work through the often difficult emotions that are associated with such situations.

Once you have come to terms with the loss, you can look to the future and evaluate the career options that would suit you best. Redundancy can present the opportunity to re-think what it is you would really like to do.

I use world class psychometrics plus proven career coaching techniques to help you to consider your key strengths, main interests and what is really important to you at this point in your life. Redundancy can often shatter our self-confidence and I work with you to re-build it and move onto a far happier future.

Key services include:

Psychometric assessment – finding suitable options for your strengths
Redundancy coaching – helping you get a job that you love
CV writing – learning how to write a great CV
Interview Preparation – practicing in a safe and supportive environment

Helen, Expat Spouse, Living Abroad

I had wanted to work with Emma for a while even before becoming an ex pat. Unable to work, I felt as though I was going stir crazy and made contact with Emma and thank God I did as she could totally empathise with how I was feeling, having been in a very similar situation herself.  

I have lived overseas before but always worked and this seemed to make all the difference so it came as quite a shock to feel as though I was losing my mind. Emma's coaching made all the difference and reassured me no end and helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I did.

Her Career Coaching really helped crystallise my strengths, clarified what I really wanted to do and to give me some clear direction for the future.

I can honestly say that Emma's coaching and support have been of massive benefit to me and not just with my career and I am so glad I made that call.

Helene - Birmingham

“Benefiting from the job search support service with Emma helped me enormously to analyse matters, stay focused and devise an action plan I could follow through in my own time and at my own pace. I benefited from Emma's wealth of experience and common sense.  She focused on my goals at a time that suited me rather than quote business theory to me in an impersonal way, which can be too often the case.

Above all, her energy and enthusiasm were really infectious and she made job searching rather enjoyable!"

Paul – Finance Director, Warwickshire

"55 and redundant: what to do now? I used to dream of just taking things easy. Working with Emma over a two-month period, I realised that this would be the worst thing I could possibly do. Emma helped me to understand the way I am, what I like doing, and the things that are important to me - which I'd never really thought about before. With her support, I developed a different dream that I'm going to try and put into practice over the next 20 years: gradually spend more time on my interests outside work and do more voluntary than paid work, but keep (fairly) busy and continue to make a contribution. When I'm 75 I might need to contact Emma again!


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