Returning to Work

Emma is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Career Coach who is an expert in helping individuals to return to work. She uses world-class psychometric instruments and proven coaching techniques to help clients back into the workplace.

Key services include:

  • Psychometric assessment
  • Career coaching
  • CV Writing
  • Interview Preparation
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Returning to Work


Returning to work after caring for young children or a period of illness, can be a difficult process. Out of the work environment, it is not unusual for confidence levels to drop and for even the idea of returning to work to be daunting.  If you wish to return to the job you were previously doing or wish to consider entirely new options, as a Chartered Psychologist specialising in such work issues I have the expertise to help you.

Where appropriate I use world class psychometric assessment and proven career coaching techniques to help you understand the type of work that would suit you at this point in your life and assist you in identifying the tools and skills which would  best equip you to get back into the workplace, whether that’s help with your CV, interview techniques or increasing your levels of self-confidence.

Key services include:

Psychometric assessment – finding suitable options for your strengths
Career coaching – helping you to return to satisfying work
CV writing – reflecting your skills and experience in a great CV
Interview Preparation – practicing in a safe and supportive environment

Lucy, Warwickshire

'I went to see Emma post baby, 18 months out of the job market. My
confidence was at a low and my priorities had shifted. Emma gently
picked me off the floor and helped me take the best parts of myself
and reshape them to fit into a new career direction. She gave me my
confidence back and a clear vision of a potential new future. She also
helped me practically with my CV and gave me a strategy for a job
search, Six days later I landed a great new role and I just couldn't
have done it without her help.'

Sarah, Oxfordshire

I gave up my career as a Solicitor when my first baby arrived 11 years ago. Since then I have found myself working harder than ever, taking on voluntary work and helping out in my husband's business as well as juggling childcare.
Emma's structured programme combined with her amazing intuition enabled me to stand back and  re-set my career goals. I now understand the strengths and weaknesses of my previous career choice and why some workplaces suited me better than others.
Thanks to Emma I am enthusiastic and confident about re-launching my career and I am able to plan a route back to work. I have also learnt a lot about myself that is relevant to life outside work!

Pippa, Warwickshire

Following 8 years working for the same company and 3 years on maternity leave and running my own business (which did not succeed), the thought of going for a job interview in the current climate where there are hundreds of applicants for every position, quite frankly, terrified me.  So, when I received a call to go for an interview with a large, hugely successful company I very nearly said no.  This is when I spoke to Emma.  After just two hours of running through my personal and business life, the highs, the lows and my strengths that had helped me achieve the highs, my confidence and self-belief soared.  I went into the interview able to tell them exactly why I was the right person for the job and I got it.  I can’t recommend Emma enough.

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