Exploring your values to find your perfect job

There may be many careers that fit with your personality and interests but it can be the values that help differentiate which careers would really suit you.


Money is a good example. If the potential to earn a large salary is important to you then this is likely to exclude a lot of careers that might otherwise have been suitable for you. Even if earning a high salary isn’t key I would always encourage clients to compare the earning potential of different careers and to reflect on the type of lifestyle that they want to achieve to make sure that the two coincide.


As we go through life, it is likely that what we value about work changes. In our 20’s we may be more interested in travelling and developing our skills whereas as family commitment increase work-life balance may become more important. Reflecting on these shifts in values can also be very helpful for clients to understand their dissatisfaction with their current situation.


I use a card sorting exercise to explore which values are key for clients, whether its about work life balance, the opportunity to develop your skills or the opportunity to travel, exploring your values is a key part in the process of understanding what is right for you. 

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