Career Start or Change

Emma is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who helps individuals either get started in a career or change their career direction. She equips clients with everything that they need to get into their chosen field and uses world-class psychometrics and proven coaching techniques to help clients want to change their current careers.

Key services include:

  • Psychometric assessment
  • Career coaching
  • CV Writing
  • Interview Preparation
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Career Start or Change

Just starting out? Trying to get your first break? If so, I can assist you in developing the skills and tools you need to make progress and achieve measured success in your career search - writing the perfect CV and doing well at interviews and assessment centres.

If you want to change direction, I can help you understand the motivation for seeking change; understand your key strengths and understand what is really important to you at this point in your life. As a Chartered Psychologist I use world class psychometric instruments along with proven career coaching techniques to help clients understand the different options that would suit them and bring personal satisfaction. I also help clients explore what steps to take in order to make that change.

Key services include:

Psychometric Assessment - gaining a clear idea of your strengths
Career coaching – helping your achieve your career goals
CV Writing – learn how to write the perfect CV
Interview Preparation – practice interviews in a safe and supportive environment

Jennifer, Warwickshire

"I was in the middle of changing careers when I approached Emma. I had left teaching 18 months before and taken on a contract in the automotive industry which had suddenly come to an end. I had been applying for what felt like hundreds of jobs and had not had even one interview. I had completely lost my confidence; I really struggled with selling myself effectively to potential employers as I didn't feel that I had any strengths. 

Emma's sessions were structured in such a way that I was able to clearly identify my own strengths and weaknesses, and the type of roles that I would naturally be best suited to and would excel in. Emma gave me the tools to prepare really thoroughly for an upcoming interview and as a direct result, I went in to the interview feeling the most confident I had ever felt. Now I am in an exciting new role with a company that I have been wanting to work for, for years! Emma's help has been invaluable in this whole process and I can not recommend her highly enough!"

Diane, Warwickshire

"Working with Emma proved to be very rewarding, she challenged my perceptions that the things that I "just did" were skills. She helped me to identify that it hasn't been the jobs that I have done that have been wrong for me, but I was working in the wrong environments. Once I was able to accept these two things we were able to identify different industries and roles that I could apply my skills to.

The exercises undertaken where varied and at times challenging, but if it was easy to change industries we wouldn't be looking for help.

After our sessions, Emma was on hand to help me re-write my CV and job applications, drawing together everything we had covered.           

My work with Emma has given me the confidence to pitch myself properly to get the right job for me. I now have a job that I enjoy, something that I didn't think was possible."

Penny, Ex-Secondary School Teacher, Warwickshire

"I came to see Emma after leaving a career in secondary English teaching: I was lacking in confidence and had no faith in my abilities. I felt my CV was too eclectic to suit me to any particular role and I was resigned to never fully enjoying or being fulfilled by my work.
Emma's calm and incisive approach helped me to identify my skills and working preferences and to rebuild my confidence in my own talents. Her positive approach enabled me to see my range of skills and experiences as positives:thanks to her, I now feel motivated and confident that I can achieve my goals.
Emma's sessions have had a substantial impact not only professional, but also on my wider life, and I would strongly recommend her services!"

Alison, Teacher, Leicestershire

"Through the discussions and activities I have completed with Emma, I now have the ability to look ahead in my career and the confidence to identify new opportunities and embrace new challenges.
I recommend that anyone facing doubt or uncertainty in their working life should invest time and effort in working with Emma as her positive approach is enlightening and highly motivational."

Nicky, Teacher, Warwickshire, 2015

"Having worked as a teacher for nearly twenty years I knew that I wanted a new career. I did not know where to start looking though, or how the skills I had developed in the classroom could be utilised elsewhere.

Emma helped me through Psychometric assessments, career coaching, CV writing and Interview Preparation to realise and celebrate the excellent and substantial qualities, I as a person, not just as a teacher could bring to a career of my choice. I found the Psychometric assessments particularly insightful and confirmed my own ideas about what direction I could take my new and exciting career.

 I would wholeheartedly recommend any teacher looking to change career to work with Emma. It is so east to become institutionalised in the world of education, but there is a whole new world out there waiting to be discovered!"

Tom, Warwickshire, 2012

"I was offered an interview for a place at a graduate entry medical school and the time I spent working with Emma beforehand proved invaluable on the day. Emma helped me prepare for the process far more effectively than any amount of time spent reading books or trawling the internet for advice could provide and on the day I was much more confident and had little trouble with any of the tasks I had to perform. As a result, I’m very happy with my performance in that interview and the advice, skills and techniques Emma taught me will be of great help in any further interviews and selection procedures in my future career." 

Alan, Leamington Spa, 

"Before I met Emma I had spent the best part of a year wondering how I was going to change career from an industry I had been in for over 25 years, get a new job and was not sure what I was really looking for. I had heard about career coaching but could not see what it would do for me or what I would get from it. Right from the very first meeting with Emma I began to fully understand why I needed to change career, why my previous roles were not suited to me and also what I wanted to do in the future. In only four coaching sessions over a month my thoughts were clarified, the route to a new career was clear, I was positive about the future and by the end of that month I was working in a part-time role I really enjoy, which is giving me the income and time to allow me to study for a new career in accountancy.

For the first time in years I enjoy going to work and am looking forward to my new career."

Emma has a great ability to make you really understand your strengths and qualities and does so in a very relaxed and supportive manner. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone looking to improve their career and make career choices."

Richard, Birmingham

"When I engaged with Emma I was looking to change my career and I really wanted a good grasp of what I should be doing. I was not enjoying my job or my life and it was affecting my health.

Emma immediately put me at my ease and the process I went through changed my outlook on life and gave me extraordinary confidence in myself. She gave me the ability to think and look outside the box and as a result I have left the corporate world and started my own business, doing something completely different, but aligned to my own interests.

Emma is thoroughly personable and very knowledgeable about her subject, but above all she has a unique ability which allows people to uncover their real self.
My experience of working with Emma has been life changing and I would thoroughly recommend working with Emma to anyone." May 2011

Interview Practice and Career Coaching - Hannah, Leamington Spa

"I had an interview preparation session with Emma and would highly recommend it. The interview went extremely smoothly and... I got the job! It was an added benefit that I had been having career coaching with Emma, so she had a good idea of my personality and strengths, and would also recommend this to anyone trying to understand what career direction they should pursue.

The career coaching really got me thinking about my beliefs and values as I had not previously realised how big a part these played in my job-related happiness. I think I had previously wasted a lot of time applying for jobs that I would not have been suitable for. For future interviews I will certainly be giving her a call!"

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