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Emma is a Chartered Psychologist and Career Coach who applies her specialist expertise to help clients at key stages in their careers. She uses world-class psychometric instruments and proven coaching techniques to help clients achieve their career goals.

Key services include:

  • Career Coaching in Northamptonshire
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Job Search Support in Northamptonshire
  • CV Writing in Northamptonshire
  • Interview Preparation in Northamptonshire
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Still in Education

Getting your critical educational choices right

Starting or Changing

Establishing or changing your career direction

Career Development

Making the most of your potential & achieving your goals

Returning to Work

Reestablishing your old career or starting an entirely new one


Retaking control of your career or planning a new direction


Making this part of your life really count

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Occupational Psychologist Northamptonshire

My Approach...

Work plays a huge part in our lives and contributes to the way that we feel about ourselves and that’s why it’s vital that we choose work that matches our interests, strengths and values.

Emma’s aim and passion is to use her professional expertise to help the people of Northamptonshire through all stages of their careers. Whether it’s making the right educational choices, starting out in a career, a career change, career planning/ development, returning to work after a period of absence, or helping make decisions for your retirement, Emma has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

For us to make the right decisions throughout our careers we need to have a clear idea of what is important to us, what our key strengths are and what really interests us. To help clients understand this, Emma’s combines expert analysis and the use of proven career coaching techniques. Emma’s aim is to facilitate you through a process so that you can make your own informed decisions, that way you will have the inner conviction to achieve your career goals.


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